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Cost Effective Casino Banking Options

There are a couple of aspects of playing at an online casino site that can drive players up the wall, and one of these things is when you are charged for using one particular type of banking option, no one likes paying fees and charges especially when they intend to gamble, and today we are going to take a look at some of the most cost effective banking options currently available.

Should you have found you have been charged a small percentage of your deposited amount made into an online casino or have had to pay a fee to get paid your winnings, then do keep on reading and we will highlight several unique casino banking options that will either be completely free of charge to use or will attract only the tiniest of fees!

Debit Cards – No Fees and Rapid Winning Payouts

You should open up a special bank account and use that as the way of keeping all of your online gambling funds completely separate from your day to day living funds, for by getting yourself a debit card which is linked up to that bank account you will find you can move money both into and out of an online casino without ever attracting any fees or charges.

Thanks to the speedy payment system adopted by a lot of banking institutions you are also going to find that once an online casino has processed any winning cash outs you have requested the funds will show up in your bank account often seconds after they have sent it back to you!

Web Wallets – Check the Small Print!

You will find that you are not charged any fees to send money into an online casino site when utilizing the services of most Web Wallets, such as PayPal, Neteller or Skrill, however when you have been paid winnings from a casino which are sent back to your Web Wallet you will often find a small charge is levied upon you depending on how you transfer the money out of your Web Wallet.

Some companies such as PayPal will allow you to have money sent back to your bank account completely free of charge, however if you choose to use the pre paid Debit Cards linked up to your account then a huge range of fees will be charged to you, so when using a Web Wallet always select the free option for getting sent your money, if one is of course on offer!

Prepaid Vouchers – No Fees Charged, Usually!

There are several pre paid vouchers you can now use to fund an online casino account, companies such as Ukash and PaySafeCard allow anyone over the age of 18 to purchase their vouchers in cash at local convenience stores across the globe, and once you have one you can then use the code number printed on that voucher to ship funds to an online casino and have them instantly credited to your account.

You are never charged any type of surcharge or fee for buying prepaid vouchers, but do check the casino site at which you intend to use them at for one or two sites have started to charge a small fee when their customers use such a voucher to fund their accounts.

The only downside of using a Ukash voucher or a PaySafeCard voucher is that you have to have another banking option on hand should you have a winning session, for these pre paid vouchers can only be used as a one way banking option and that way is to fund your account and not get winnings sent back to you via that method!

Money Transfer Services – Attract High Fees and are Very Slow!

You are going to be best off forgetting about ever using a Money Transfer service such as Western Union to send funds to an online casino, the fees and charges you will be hit with make using this option completely unusable!

Plus should for whatever reason you choose to send a Western Union payment to an online casino then it is going to take quite a while for it to hit your account, and with most players only wanting to play when they get the urge to this option takes too long to get credited to your account and you really will lose a vast amount of your deposited amount to fees and charges!


You are very unlikely to find a land based casino charging you an entry fee, and as such when you find an online casino is going to charge you a fee when you are funding your casino account by one or more different types of banking options this can raise your blood pressure!

You are going to find it quite easy to switch and change the casino site you are playing at online no matter where you live in the world and as such we would suggest you shop around, should any casino at which you play at start to force you to pay any type of banking fees or charges when using a banking option.

Gamble with no Hidden Charges

This also goes for when you wish to cash out any winnings from any online casino site, it is quite alarming how some casino sites think it is ok to force fees on their customers when they make a winning cash out and should you ever be forced to pay such a fee then never play at that site again, if everyone did this you would soon notice casinos dropping their fees and charges quite quickly!

Whilst all online casinos will get charged a fee by their financial processors for processing different types of banking options, this is a fee they should be quite easily able to absorb due to the low overheads attached to running an online casino site when compared to the huge overheads attached to running a land based casino, so always avoid any fee charging online casino and stick to those sites that value your custom and don’t charge any fees what so ever!

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