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Comparing Online Mines Game Casino Slot Tournaments

There are more and more online casinos offering their players access to a range of slot and casino game tournaments, however it is worth noting that as there are two main types of online gaming software platforms, those being the no download instant play casino platforms and also the fully downloadable gaming platforms, the way in which the slot tournament you will be offered on both gaming platforms are going to be quite different.

So to give you as much information as is possible in this slot tournament playing guide we are going to enlighten you on the difference between the types of slot tournaments you are going to find on each of those two online casino gaming platforms, as the way the slot tournaments are structured are completely different and you will of course be looking for a tournament that is structured in a way to suit your slot playing style and much more importantly your available gaming bankroll and slot playing budget!

No Download Gaming Platform Slot Tournaments

Let us start off by letting you know how online casinos that use a no download gaming platform tend to structure their slot tournaments. You will often find that instead of paying an entry fee to take part in these types of casinos online slot tournaments you will be playing the slots on offer at those sites in the normal way.

By this we mean you simply make a deposit into the casino and then you can pick and choose just which slot games you wish to play. The way in which you are going to be amassing a score in these types of online slot tournaments is based on how many comp points you amass and accumulate during your real money slot spinning session whilst the slot tournaments are in play.

The more comp points you earn and amass the higher you will be placed on that slot tournaments leader board. However, the obvious downside to playing in these types of slot tournaments is that as you are playing with your own funds it is often the case that the higher rolling slot players win all of the cash prizes on offer, as low rolling slot players will never be able to earn anywhere as near as many comp points needed to get listed on the slot tournaments leader board!

This is why you will find the fairest types of slot tournaments are those that are available in some fully downloadable mobile casino sites, and in the next section of this guide we shall take a look at just how those types of slot tournaments are structured.

Slot Tournaments Offered by Downloadable Casinos

The slot tournaments that you are going to find freely available at some fully downloadable casino sites, more so those that use Microgaming software are going to give you access to the best type of slot tournaments.

For when you take part in these types of slots tournament instead of you playing constantly with your own funds you simply need to pay a one off entry fee and you will then be given a large number of tournament credits and will be allocated a set amount of time for you to use those credits to try and amass a large score.

You will find you will be playing just one slot game during these types of slot tournaments, and some of them are actually completely free of charge and as such you will never have to put at risk any of your own money taking part in them and you could, if you amass a high score win real casino credits form those free to enter slot tournaments!

There are also several different slot tournament structures the downloadable casinos from Microgaming have on offer, and they are also available throughout the night and day so finding one of them to take part in should be easy enough!

You will find some of the slot tournaments on offer will give you just the ability to taking one single entry in them whilst others allow you to pay an extra entry free to carry on playing from where your original entry ended or you can pay another entry fee and take another shot at the tournament with the original score being wiped clean.


Remember that slot tournaments are offered throughout the night and day at the vast majority of our featured and top rated casino sites, and it is often the case that those offered during the weekend are the most populated and busiest slot tournaments.

With that in mind and as you are playing against every other player who has registered to take part in the same slot tournaments as you have, then do consider entering slot tournaments that are on offer over night or on the quieter days of the week.

For if you do take part in a slot tournament that has fewer entrants registered and ultimately taking part in them then that does of course mean your chances of gaining a prize paying position on those less well populated slot tournament leader boards will increase!

To help you located a slot tournament that will appeal to you all of the casinos offering them will have listed either on their website or when you log into their casino something known as a slot tournament schedule, so do hunt those schedules down as they will give you a full listing of when each slot tournament is scheduled to take place and what the entry fee (if any) is and also what prize pools are on offer.

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