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Cluster Pays Slot Structure in Online Mines Game Casino

If you have yet to make your mind up just which casino sites you should sign up and play at, we would suggest you checkout our range of fully reviewed NetEnt casino sites, for by doing so no matter at which of those site you choose to play at you are going to be given access to lots of unique slot games and other casino games.

Slot players in particular are going to have a ball playing at those casino sites, for in addition to the more standard types of slot games available you are going to find plenty of unique slot games offering playing structures, bonus features and a plethora of different bonus game you will never have come across before.

One brand new slot game playing structure that has just been attached to one of NetEnt’s very latest slot games is the Cluster Pays structure, and this will see you not having to line up winning combinations in the usual way, that being on any activated payline, but by just having sets of matching reel symbols spinning in together anywhere on the slot game screen!

How Cluster Pays Slots Operate

When you find a slot on which there is a Cluster Pays paying structure then what you will simply be hoping to do is opposed to forming winning combinations on pay lines, you will be hoping a set of matching reel symbols drop onto the screen in such a way that you have enough of them in clusters.

The clusters will award a winning payout when enough of them are locations on the slot game screen either horizontally or vertically on adjoining reels, if you do get enough of those symbols spinning in that way then you will be awarded with the corresponding payouts as listed on the pay table.

The only thing to keep in mind when playing such a slot is that the more of the same matching symbols you do get spinning in horizontally or vertically the bigger the payouts are going to be!

It may be possible on some of these type of slot games of you to spin in a screen full of the same matching reel symbols, and when that happens you are then going to be awarded with the very highest valued winning slot game payout for those matching reel symbols as listed on the pay table of the slot you are playing!

Which Online Slots Have Cluster Pays Features?

There are not many slot games currently available online that have been designed in such a way that the winning payouts are going to be awarded to you via a Cluster Pays type of playing structure, in fact we have just looked through our slot game list and have found currently just one single slot game which has that type of playing feature attached to it.

That slot is the brand newly launched Aloha Cluster Pays slot game and when playing it online you will of course have the option of playing it for free or for real money and there are more than enough different staking options available allowing both very low stake player and high rollers alike to be able to play it on their own preferred stake amounts.

Being a NetEnt designed slot game you are going to find the slot does return a very high payout percentage over the long term so you will always be guaranteed of getting lots of playing value out of the slot when you do decide to play it online!


Whist the current number of slot games which boast a Cluster Pays playing structure and format is very low in number, it will be whether they prove popular with players as to whether more and more of them start to get designed and launched into the online and mobile playing environments.

As we always recommend anyone reading through our slot game playing guides, if you do think you are going to enjoy playing these types of slot games or have yet to decide whether they are going to be slots worthy of your play time and attention, always sample them out by using the demo mode version of the slots initially.

By doing so you can see for yourself firsthand but in a completely no risk way whether playing Cluster Pays structured slot games online is going to give you the type of excitement and enjoyment you demand out of any slot game you do play, and if they do then you can always start playing them for reel money later.

In fact, if you sign up to one of our featured casinos that you are not yet a member of you will always have the added advantage of being able to claim their new player slot games bonuses too!

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