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Christmas Progressive Slot Mines Game Casino News Update

You may now have put up your Christmas Tree and have been busy stocking up on Christmas Presents, and may now be longing to sit back and settle down to play some of your favourite casino game online, and if so then now may be a good time for you to consider playing some of the many different progressive slot games, for in the last few days, weeks and months several of these types of slots have been played quite a lot and their respective jackpots are ready to burst!

With this in mind, and if you would love the thrill and excitement of playing a range of different progressive slot games online in the pre or post Christmas period, then below we are going to introduce you to some slots which not only have very large jackpots currently on offer but will offer you a fully rounded type of slot playing experience.

Remember that when playing progressive slot games online you will first and foremost and probably most importantly want the peace of mind in knowing that if you do manage to beat the odds and win one of those huge life changing progressive jackpots then you will want a site that is going to pay your those winnings rapidly, and as such please stick to playing slots only at our rated online casino sites as each of them have been handpicked to ensure they always pay out their winning players in the fastest possible time frames.

Most Entertaining Online Progressive Slot Games

You may probably be looking for not only that chance of winning a huge life changing jackpot winning payout when you play progressive slot games online but you may be also looking for some slot games that are going to keep you both entertained and excited when playing them online, and with this in mind we would like you to consider playing any of the following slots.

Each of the following slot game you will be introduced to come with their own very unique base and bonus game structures and playing formats and that ensure you will not only obviously have the chance of winning a huge life hanging jackpot when playing any of them but they will certainly ensure you get plenty of entertainment value out of playing them online.

One group of online slot games that are guaranteed to award several of their progressive jackpots over the festive period are the Marvel Slot games which are found in all Playtech powered casino sites. The reasons we just know that many players are going to win those slot games respective progressive jackpots is that each slot has four jackpots on offer.

The smaller valued progressive jackpots are won every few minutes or so and as such those slots could be worth your time and attention for there may be a good chance that one of the largest valued two additional progressive jackpots attached to those slots may also be won in the coming days also.

Microgaming do have plenty of progressive slot games on offer and with there being so many of them available if you choose to try out and play a group of them then you will find a range of different playing structures in place on those slots.

However, if you want to have a range of progressives slots that all offer players the chance of winning four jackpots, two of with are won many times each day then head on over to one of our listed and rated Microgaming casino sites and give the Mega Moolah range of slots some play time.

These particular slots are not only very high paying progressives slots but as each slot boasts their own unique base and bonus game features and feature rounds you will find them very entertaining and exciting slots to play, and each paid for spin of their respective reels you send into live play will give you a chance of winning a progressive jackpot!


There are a couple of additional things we would like to draw to your attention if you do fancy getting stuck into playing some progressive slot game online now or in the near future, and one of these things is in regards to accepting a casino bonus offer.

Many online casino sites now do not let their players access or play any type of progressive slot game when they have been awarded with any type of bonus credits or bonus funds, and it is therefore very important that if you do wish to play progressive slots at any online casino site you make sure if you have bonus funds in your casino account he rules and terms and conditions of the bonus you have claimed permits you to play these types of slots, if not then do not play them as any jackpots you win will be voided.

Also be aware that some online casinos will pay you out the entire jackpot payout in one single withdrawal, but some online casinos will drag out the withdrawal process over several days, weeks or months, so ideally you need to stick to playing progressive slots or any type of progressive casino games online at a casino site that has very large payout limits in place, as those sites will allow you to withdrawal all or a very large amount of your jackpot payouts in one single withdrawal.

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