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Can Video Poker Mines Game Casino Be Beaten?

You can have literally hours of fun and winning opportunities should you choose to play video poker games online, and the reason why these games can be very entertaining is that due to the way the large majority of them have been designed, results in them being some of the best paying casino games around.

There are two aspects of playing video poker that you need to remember, the first is you should always be prepared to locate the variants with the most generous pay tables attached to them, and also play them optimally, and that will mean you must hold the best cards dealt out to you and discard the worst cards, as by playing video poker perfectly and optimally it is often a game that can be beaten, when several other aspects are taken into account!

Should you be interested in playing video poker games online then keep on reading for we will enlighten you on how you can play these types of games perfectly and will also enlighten you on which variants are the best ones to play.

How to Select a Video Poker Game to Play

It will always be the case that the gaming platform that is powering the casino at which you are playing at is going to be the one defining feature in regards to you locating a low house edge video poker game to play.

As most but not all video poker games offer a payout percentage in excess of 99%, then that fact alone will mean with a tad of luck when playing you can often have sessions where you can do no wrong and you come to a point in that session where you are well in profit.

We have not discovered an online video poker game that has a better pay table attached to it than Microgaming’s All Aces game, and the pay table attached to that variant has been designed to give it a payout percentage of a whopping 99.92%, and as such that is the one game you need to track down to have the best winning chances.

Compare that payout percentage to the one that is found on the Jacks or Better video poker game found in most other online casino sites, that game, when it has the industry standard pay table attached to it will see you playing a variant offering a payout percentage of 99.54%, whilst not as high as the All Aces game, should you find yourself playing at a casino using a different gaming platform to Microgaming’s then it would not be too bad a variant to play.

Playing Video Poker Games Perfectly

If you have never played video poker before let us first give you a run through as to how the game is designed and how you can play it perfectly. You are first tasked with picking how many coins per hand you are going to be wagering and will also often find that you can adjust the coin value settings.

You need to find a stake level at which you are going to get around 50 guaranteed games, and that will simply mean you have to divide your bankroll up into 50 chunks and then pick a coin setting value that will allow you to play those 50 hands but also at maximum coins per hands.

It is very important that you play the maximum number of coins permitted on the game you are playing per hand as that often activates an enhanced set of payouts on the jackpot paying hand on the pay table, the usual maximum number of coins per hand is five of them.

Once you have chosen a coin and stake setting then simply click on the deal button and the game will then deal out five facing upwards cards to you, with those five cards you need to select the ones which are the best ones and hold them by clicking on them, you then click on the deal or re-deal button again and the cards you do not hold are removed and replaced by new ones.

After the second deal your hand is then compared to the pay table and any winning combination you have formed as per the pay table is then paid out. The true art to beating video poker games is to know which the best cards to hold are and which ones to discard.

There are millions of different possible hand combinations that you could be dealt out in the initial stage of any video poker game and it can be impossible for some players to try and remember which cards are the best ones to hold and which ones to discard.

However, if you play at many online casino sites you will have the ability of clicking on an option setting button and by doing so you will find something known as the Auto Hold option, turn on that option and when you have been dealt out your initial five playing cards in the initial stage of the game the computer software will hold the most strategic cards for you automatically, which takes all of the guesswork out of the game!


As you have just found out the game of video poker, when you select the best variants to play, can return some huge payout percentages, and if you make good use of things such as comp points and casino bonuses then you will find these games can often be beaten!

If you have never played video poker games before then always remember to play with the maximum number of coins permitted in play on each hand you play and also make sure you play every single hand optimally by making good use of the Auto Hold feature.

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