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Can I Alter the Chip Values when Playing Craps Mines Games Tips?

Craps is of course one of the most popular of casino table games, and if you are thinking about playing it online for the very first time you are bound to have lots of questions in regards to how the online versions of that game play and pay!

The first question I do know a lot of first time online players of Craps games will be asking is whether they can play for their own chosen stake amount and whether the actual chip values can be adjusted too.

Well, I am pleased to let you know that every single one of our featured online casino sites that do have the casino table game of Craps available and on offer on their gaming platforms do have a very wide range of different staking options available on those games.

As such if you do fancy playing Craps online for any stake amount then that is exactly what you are going to be able to do if you make the very wise decision of signing up to any of our showcased online casino sites, and remember that Craps can be a lo house edge game too as long as you pick out the best and wagers you place carefully and strategically too!

Using Craps Game Casino Bonuses

What may have tempted you to start playing Craps online is the huge number of casino bonuses that are being given away by most if not all casino sites, ether to new players of those casinos or as an ongoing promotional type of offer at those casino sites.

The thing to keep in mind over is that not all casino bonuses, whether the new player ones or the ongoing casino bonus offers are going to be designed in such a way that you can use your bonus credits on the Craps games, so it is important that you check they can be used on Craps!

If they are then look out for the bonus offers that have a reasonable set of play through requirements attached to them, for those bonuses are going to be the very best valued ones to claim and make use of as you are not going to have to play through your bonus credits a huge number of times before they get turned into cash credits!

Earning Comps When Playing Craps Online

Another thing to keep in mind is that due to the way that you can often go on long winning streaks when playing Craps games, you should ideally look for a casino site that has a generous casino comp or loyalty scheme in place.

By doing so when you do get lucky and have some extended Craps games playing sessions the wagers you are placing throughout that winning and extended gaming session will allow you to earn a lot of comp points.

A generous casino comp or loyalty club scheme is going to reward you with a high number of comp points for each real money wager you place and will also have a low redemption rate for turning your comp points into additional playing credits.

So always make a point of finding out what a range of different casino sites are going to be offering you by way of their respective comp club schemes and only ever play at one that does give you lots of comp points per wager placed and those that have a generous redemption exchange rate too for turning your points into playing credits!


As you may never have played Craps before but may fancy doing so due to the very unique way that dice based game plays and pays, then what I would advise you to do is to sign up to any of the featured and top rated online casino sites that you see showcased and reviewed throughout this website.

By doing so you are then going to have the option and the ability of logging into your newly opened casino account not as a real money player but as a free guest player, meaning you can then set about playing Craps for free and at no risk.

By playing for free for a few sessions you are then going to get to grips fully with the way that game flows and plays and will then be in a good position to switch over to playing for real money when you are good and ready too.

The game of Craps may initially loo very complicated but as soon as you start playing it and play off a few game you will realise just how easy a table game it is to play and one that can and does offer some very high pay backs and it is also a game that does come with lots of low risk and low house edge betting opportunities too!

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