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Bingo Meets Deal or No Deal in the New Big Draw from Playtech Mines Games Tips

What Is Live Deal or No Deal The Big Draw

Playtech made playing the game easier than ever. Usually, players have to rely on live game reviews to learn how to play. This time, however, the provider featured a helpful video that you can watch before a round begins.

Sure, you can choose to skip it, but we recommend checking it out if this is your first time playing. Although familiar to most, Live Deal or No Deal the Big Draw can cause confusion.

Therefore, the introductory video was a pleasant surprise.

So, what is Live Deal or No Deal the Big Draw?

This Playtech title is an amalgamation of two of people’s favorite types of games – quizzes and lottery. If you thought Crazy Time was a mad mix, wait until you see this one.

All the characters you know from the quiz are present – the host, the unseen banker, and the cases. Naturally, an attractive lady opens the cases for you. She does so by tapping gently on the button on top of the case. All the numbers in the cases are randomly generated.

In the following section, we’ll describe Live Deal or No Deal the Big Draw, and how to play it.

How to Play

Live Deal or No Deal the Big Draw has gameplay that appears complicated but it’s not. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play Live Deal or No Deal the Big Draw.

1. Buy a ticket

This is the bingo part. To join the game, you need to purchase a bingo-like ticket. The cost of the ticket is connected to the potential prizes you can get.

2. Choose a prize to boost

A screen with 5 cases will appear, allowing you to boost the prize in one of them. The amount automatically goes to the pot. You can repeat this step as many times as you’d like before the time runs out.

3. The game begins

This is the central part of the game show. The spirit of Live Deal or No Deal the Big Draw shows its colors right now. The 16 available prizes are linked to the 16 cases. One out of the 16 rewards belongs to you. The remaining 15 cases have numbers on them. As the host draws the balls, the numbers on the ticket are eliminated, as well as their prizes. Also, you can see the banker's bar rise. Your first objective is to fill 7 numbers and get to the banker’s offer.

4. Decision time

After the first 20 balls are drawn and you still haven’t reached a deal, you can purchase 5 more balls. When you reach the deal, the banker will offer you money to end your game – unlock the banker’s offer. If you don’t take the banker’s offer, your case will open to unveil your prize, and the game ends. You have 12 seconds to decide. Alternatively, you can buy 5 extra balls and continue the game and potentially multiply your wins. Important – you only win after you’ve reached the banker’s offer.

5. The final countdown – or is it?

If you choose the deal, what the banker offered you lands into your account. How does the banker determine their offer in Deal or No Deal the Big Draw? The banker offers amounts based on your remaining prizes. If you choose no deal, your case opens and shows the prize inside. After the host draws 35 balls (provided that you bought the extra balls), you can also SWITCH CASE with one of the remaining cases. What do you get out of it? You earn a chance to get a bigger prize.

6. Side game

But that is not all you get from this live game show! Lastly, there is a side bet to place. After buying into the game, you can also choose to take part in the mini draw side game. Buy up to 20 mini cards and win prizes based on the number of lines you get on each card. How are the mini draw cards in Live Deal or No Deal filled? The calculations are based on the first 20 balls in the main game. Your host will remind you when it's time to decide in the base game.

So, we can divide Live Deal or No Deal the Big Draw into six sections:

  1. Participating/Purchase

  2. Boosting

  3. Playing

  4. Decision Time

  5. Winning

  6. Side Game


Live Deal or No Deal the Big Draw comes with the optimal RTP of 95.38%. However, this is a game of luck that we’re talking about, so we didn’t expect more.

Here’s more about the Mini Draw side game. The bonus ticket comes in the 3×3 form and lucrative payouts. Check them out:


In other words, the more lines you complete, the bigger your payout will be.

Where to Play

Didn’t we say Live Deal or No Deal the Big Draw was easy to play?

Right, now that you know the rules, we’ll tell you where to apply. In no time, all Playtech live casinos will start to offer the game. Until then, though, only one licensed operator provides Live Deal or No Deal the Big Draw. It is Bet365.

This online gambling operator offers more than 1,800 titles, from slots to table games, and of course, live dealers. Licensed by two leading supervisors – the UKGC and the MGA, Bet365 has a long-standing reputation of a reliable gaming operator. Other than the games, you are offered complete safety and security while online. So, we see no reason not to try Bet365 out today!

Final Touch

Live Deal or No Deal the Big Draw is a game of chance – that’s not a matter of debate. Therefore, there is no recommended strategy for this live game show.

We advise you to limit your bankroll, though. Set boundaries that you will not exceed. Please, gamble responsibly.

Playtech did a terrific job delivering authentic gaming experience with the new live dealer game. As always, the hosts are welcoming and talkative; you’ll feel as if you were on TV!

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