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Best Strategies on Mines Games Tips Casino

Before you start playing this work from one of the largest mini-game publishers on the market, we want to reveal some strategies for Mines. After hours of trials on the game, our specialists have managed to find some techniques to optimize your chances of winning on the game. Read our advice carefully.

Random Play

A "Random" button allows you to select squares on the Mines grid in a 100% random way thanks to the integrated RNG algorithm. This is very useful when you want to leave it to chance and when you are out of inspiration. This button can be used whether you are in manual or automatic mode on the Mines mini-game. Very convenient!


If you click on the three little lines at the bottom right of the Mines game interface, you can check the history of all your bets placed on the Spribe game. All details are displayed, the time, the amount of the bet, the amount of the cashout, and the multiplier reached. This is an absolutely indispensable feature if you play in automatic mode or if you string bets together. It allows you to track your results in real time and know where you stand on the Mines game.

Provably Fair Technology

Spribe always incorporates the new Provably Fair technology into its mini-games to guarantee total fairness in draws. You just have to go to your bet history or to the "Provably Fair" tab to be able to check all the details of each draw in a transparent manner. This technology uses blockchain and performs SHA512 hashing of different numbers to generate a guaranteed random result. A feature that makes us fans of Mines!

Martingale Mines

As in roulette, you have the opportunity to implement the Martingale strategy on the Mines game. Our experts advise you to place 16 mines on the grid and always choose the same square. Place a fixed bet (for example $1), double when you lose and return to the initial bet if you win. By finding just one star, you get with this setup a x2.15 multiplier, which makes the Martingale strategy even more interesting than usual! We still recommend that you use this technique with caution, as the maximum betting limit is "only" $100.

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