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Best Atlantic City Low Roller Mines Games Easy Win Casinos

Atlantic City may not be as big and glamorous as it was a couple of decades ago. Nevertheless, it still features the largest concentration of casinos on the East Coast.

That said, it also offers some of the lowest stakes in the east. You do, however, need to know where to play to enjoy these low limits.

The following guide discusses what exactly makes for a quality low roller casino. It also discusses some of the best low stakes joints in Atlantic City.

What Factors Define a Good Low Roller Casino?

If you’re gambling on a budget, you want to choose casinos that help stretch your bankroll. Additionally, you don’t want to wait forever to play low stakes games. That said, you should keep the following factors in mind when choosing an Atlantic City casino.

Low Stakes

Stakes are the most-obvious aspect to consider when seeking low-roller casinos. You can’t make a $200 or $300 bankroll go far when you’re betting $50 per round.

Instead, you want to find cheap slot machines and table games. The latter presents the biggest challenge because many casinos today require $10 stakes or higher.

Ideally, you’ll find plenty of tables that only require a $5 minimum wager. You’ll especially have luck with this when playing games like Caribbean stud, mini baccarat, and American roulette.

Blackjack presents a tougher challenge when it comes to finding low limits. Luckily, though, you can find $5 blackjack in a couple of Atlantic City casinos (covered later).

Low Limit Tables Run 24/7

Many casinos change the stakes for table games depending upon the hour and day. They do so to capitalize on the busiest times.

For Example:A casino might offer $10 blackjack during weekdays—especially during the early hours. However, they may increase the stakes to $25 during the evenings and on weekends.

That said, you don’t want to settle for casinos that only offer low-limit tables for limited hours. Instead, you should look for establishments that feature low stakes most/all of the time.

Wide Variety of Affordable Casino Games

Assuming you’re like most gamblers, you probably like to play more than one casino game. Atlantic City does a nice job of providing many different games.

However, not all of these games are affordable to the average player. Some require higher stakes than the rest.

Your goal should be to find casinos that offer multiple low-stakes games. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy a wider selection and still play cheaply.

Which Atlantic City Casinos Are Best for Low Rollers?

Most AC casinos make an effort to cater to players of all bankrolls. However, the following establishments do the best job of making low rollers happy.

1 – Wild Wild West

The Wild Wild West is strictly for casual gamblers who enjoy other types of entertainment, such as riding a mechanical bull. Not surprisingly, the stakes are rather cheap to accommodate the casual crowd. You can play blackjack here for just $5 per hand. Wild Wild West doesn’t raise the stakes during the evenings and weekends either.

This casino also offers $5 craps and roulette. All other casinos throughout the city require $10 minimums for both games.

2 – Borgata

Like Wild Wild West, the Borgata also offers a $5 blackjack game. The catch, though, is that it only features one table at these stakes. You can play craps here for $10 on weekdays and weekends. Borgata’s roulette tables also offer $10 stakes throughout most of the week. However, the minimum can go up to $15 on Saturday and Sunday.

3 – Tropicana

The Tropicana’s blackjack action isn’t anything special. It features $10 tables, like several other AC casinos. However, it’s the only other casino besides Wild Wild West that features $5 craps tables. You will have to play craps during the weekdays, though, to enjoy these stakes.

Like the majority of Atlantic City venues, Tropicana offers $10 roulette. This minimum bet goes up to $15 during the weekends.

Tips for Playing at Low Roller Atlantic City Casinos

You don’t want to rely on blind faith just because you’re playing for low stakes. Instead, you should have a plan in place beforehand. The following tips will help you play frugally in Atlantic City.

Determine Your Bankroll

Most gamblers don’t put enough thought into their bankroll. As a result, they end up losing their funds by the first or second day of a weeklong trip.

This disaster can be avoided, though, by doing some bankroll management beforehand. You can budget for all elements of your trip prior to leaving.

This process begins with figuring out how much money you can afford to spend on the entire trip. Next, you want to determine what you’ll be doing during your stay.

Once you have an idea on the trip itinerary, you can proceed to budgeting for each area. Here’s an example:

  • You have $2,000 overall for an Atlantic City trip.

  • You put $600 towards the hotel room.

  • $500 towards food.

  • $400 towards entertainment & other expenses.

  • $500 towards gambling.

Stick to Your Budget

Planning and bankroll management only go so far. You also need the discipline to stick with your plan.

A great way to do this in terms of gambling involves setting stop-loss limits. A stop-loss limit refers to when you quit a session based on a specific amount of losses.

Here’s an example on how to do this:

  • You choose a stop-loss limit of $150.

  • You eventually hit $150 in losses.

  • You’ll quit the session immediately at this point.

A stop-loss mark doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll quit playing at the right time. However, it does provide a good guideline on when you should stop for the day.

Additionally, you might even consider a stop-win limit too. This limit helps you lock in profits after a hot session.

You might, for example, set a stop-win limit of $200. In this case, you’ll quit playing immediately when hitting $200 in profits.

Arrive Early to the Tables

You won’t be the only one looking to play for low stakes in Atlantic City. Many other gamblers also like to make smaller minimum bets.

You should get to the tables early in order to secure your spot in a low-stakes game. You especially need to arrive early when playing popular low-stakes games like real money blackjack and roulette.

Of course, you can always show up later and still get in the game of your choice. The downside, though, is that you’ll waste precious time waiting for a table to open up.

Sign Up for the Loyalty Program

Each Atlantic City casino features a loyalty program. You should sign up for these programs wherever you gamble. This way, you’re guaranteed to receive VIP perks on top of your play.

You can sign up for a loyalty program online or in person. Once a member of the program, you’ll use your card to add slot machines and table games.

In the latter case, you hand your card to the dealer. They’ll then give your card to the pit boss. The pit boss is the one who monitors your play and assigns rewards accordingly.

The perks that you receive depend upon your betting volume and the individual casino. Generally speaking, though, you can expect free drinks, meals, hotel stays, show tickets, and more.


Atlantic City may not offer as many low roller casinos as Las Vegas. Nevertheless, it still features some good options for low-stakes players.

Wild Wild West is the premier casino if you want to play blackjack as cheaply as possible. It only requires a $5 minimum bet at the blackjack tables. This casino also offers plenty of other low-stakes games.

Borgata and Tropicana are other reasonable options. They each offer a number of low-limit tables that’ll allow you to play for cheap.

You’ll be able to find low-roller tables in other AC casinos as well. However, you should stick with the establishments covered here to guarantee that you get to play for low stakes.

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