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Be in Control with Live Cashback Blackjack Mines Games Tips from Playtech

After a few months of silence, we are finally hearing from Playtech.

The Isle of Man-based firm has unveiled its line-up for the following period. The iGaming giant has great live casino products in store. In no time, we will be talking about Spin & Win Roulette as well as Majority Rules Speed Blackjack.

However, the first release to see the light of day is Live Cashback Blackjack.

Visceral and engaging, Playtech’s Live Cashback Blackjack gives you more control than any other blackjack game before.

In the following article, we’ll tell you what this highly intuitive live dealer game is about. Then, we’ll also tell you how to win at Live Cashback Blackjack.

What's Different about Cashback Blackjack?

Right now is the era of live gambling, and Cashback Blackjack is living proof.

Cashback Blackjack appeared on the iGaming market in 2019 as an RNG-powered game. At the time, it represented a user-oriented game which allowed players more control over how much they were spending.

But 2020 is all about advancement.

This year, Playtech is making the virtual blackjack game even better by making it go live!

What’s unique about it is the cashback feature that lets you cash out anytime. So, instead of acting, you can simply ask for your money back.

Partnering with well-known Greek brand Stoiximan/Betano, Playtech curated this one of a kind live casino game.

Similar to its previous game of Twenty-One, the Cashback also accepts an unlimited number of players at the table. In this manner, we can compare it to Evolution’s Power Blackjack. Accepting more players simultaneously adds to the overall thrill of gambling online.

Live Cashback Blackjack is a personalized, captivating release that’s pretty much all-in-one. Let’s see how.

Key Features

Here’s what makes Live Cashback Blackjack stand out:

  • It’s an 8-deck game.

  • An unlimited number of players can join.

  • The cashback feature allows players to cash out at any point.

  • There are 6 different exciting side bets.

  • The betting range goes from $1 to $100.

  • It’s been launched in partnership with Greek operator Stoiximan/Betano.

Live Cashback Blackjack joins the team of other amazing Playtech blackjack games. These involve Quantum Blackjack, All Bets, Unlimited and Majority Rules Speed Blackjack.

Read on to see how to play.

How to Play

In this live Twenty-One variant, your objective is to get to 21 to get a natural. In this case, you get paid at 3 to 2, which is the highest-paying scenario. Alternatively, if you get closer to 21 than the dealer, you also win with a slightly smaller payout (1:1).

The card values are standard. “Royalty” cards, including 10s and Aces (A) are worth 10. The A has a double nature – valued at either 1 or 10.

In every round, you have 12 seconds to place your bet. Each round begins after you’ve placed the main bet and a side bet, which is optional.

With Live Cashback Blackjack, you can easily generate a handsome profit. With the cashback feature, you can keep your expenses low and benefits high.

In this Playtech game, you can bet anything from $1 to $100. As such, the title is suitable for casual players, but high-rollers can also have fun with it.

The Best Strategies

Before moving on, here’s a recommended read. Check out our top tips for online blackjack first.

You’ll be given a chance to play the insurance bet, which pays at 2 to 1. Anytime the dealer has an Ace, you can place the insurance bet in Live Cashback. Although it might seem tempting, we would recommend this one to experienced gamblers only.

Card counting is not the optimal strategy for Live Cashback Blackjack but you could get away with it. Why? It’s because generally online casinos shuffle the deck after each round. In Live Cashback, that’s not the case. So, if you can handle the 8 decks in the shoe, go ahead and count those cards. Here is how to count cards:

  • +1 – Add a positive value for cards 2 through 6.

  • -1 – Subtract 1 when 10, A, J, Q or K turn up.

  • 0 – Keep the same score for cards 7 – 9.

This is a one-level count system based on the High-Low (Hi-Lo) method. By keeping your own count, you can facilitate predicting what cards are left in the shoe.

And if you consider yourself a serious blackjack player, you’ll want to know about the myths we busted.

Main Bets

In action rounds, five main bets are available:

  1. Cashback

  2. Hit

  3. Stand

  4. Double

  5. Split

If you decide to split, the game will offer you cashback on both hands. On the other side, a double will not enable you to use the cashback functionality.

How does Playtech calculate the cashback?

The world’s leading gambling technology company determines the cashback value based on the cards currently on the table. Each round may come with a different cashback estimation. The cashback applies to your main bet only. Side bets are paid out separately.

The Side Bets

Live Cashback Blackjack boasts six diverse side bets:

  • 21+3 – If your first two cards and the croupier’s first card form a poker hand, you get paid at 100:1. That goes for suited three of a kind.

  • Buster Blackjack – This one is similar to Evolution’s Bust It side bet. If you win the Buster Blackjack (dealer’s hand) bet, the payout is 2,000:1. You just need 8 or more cards and a player’s blackjack.

  • Dealer Pair

  • Lucky Lucky – This side bet can pay up to 200:1 if your first two cards and the dealer’s first card form 777 suited. Other combos like 678 suited and 21 suited also come with considerable payouts.

  • Player Pair

  • Top 3 – A suited three of a kind pays at 270:1. A straight flush pays 180:1. Finally, a three of a kind combo offers a payout of 90:1.

Let’s explain the “pair” side bet. The perfect pair pays at 25:1; a colored pair offers 12:1 and a mixed pair cashes out a 6:1 payout. A perfect pair is two cards of the same rank (value) and suit (color).

Final Thoughts

Justifying its reputation as the industry leader, Playtech turned another traditional casino game into a live dealer hybrid. With Live Cashback Blackjack, the company showed that its innovation has no limits.

The new live casino game gives players everything they could possibly need. More control over their bankrolls, multiple side bets and unlimited seats. This scalable blackjack game is what you want to add to your live casino portfolio.

In the following days, we will be talking about what else Playtech has in store so come back anytime to CasinosOnline. We’re here to review casino games for you and recommend only the best.

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