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Basic Strategy Mines Games Pattern Players Must Consider before taking seats

1. Overview

The bottom line is seat position is mostly relevant to inexperienced basic strategy players and card counters but we shall get to this later. We now offer you a few hints that will help you improve your expected value if you rely on basic strategy alone.

2. Check Out The Blackjack Payout Before You Join Any Live Blackjack Table

This is easily one of the most essential things to consider as blackjack payouts can have a dramatic effect on your overall expectation if reduced.

Always look for tables that pay at odds of 3 to 2 and avoid those where blackjacks pay at lower odds of 7 to 5, 6 to 5, or 1 to 1. These reduced payouts will decrease your long-term expected value by -0.45%, -1.39%, and -2.27%, respectively.

3. Look For Busier Tables Where Most Seats Are Taken

This probably sounds counterintuitive but basic strategy players are better off joining fuller tables rather than playing heads-up against the dealer or with one other fellow player only.

The reasoning behind this tip is that you will play fewer hands per hour on a busy table, exposing a smaller percentage of your bankroll to the house edge. This will extend your longevity at the live blackjack tables because the casino’s statistical advantage will get distributed among more players.

4. The Card Shuffling Policies

Pay attention to the card shuffling policies at the live blackjack tables. Does the dealer reshuffle the decks manually or does she use a continuous shuffling machine for this purpose? In the second case, the dealer would load the discards back into the shuffling machine after each round of play.

You will again go through more hands per hour because the dealers at such tables never pause for manual reshuffles. In turn, this results in greater theoretical losses per hour for recreational players as they end up exposing more money to the house edge in machine-dealt games.

5. Scan The Table Layout For the Dealer’s Standing Rules

If it reads Dealer must hit soft 17’, you better take your action elsewhere as this, too, increases the house advantage by 0.22%. Preferably, you should look for tables that require the live dealers to stand on all 17s as they put you at a smaller disadvantage.

6. Look For Live Tables With Player-Friendly Rules

Including re splitting, doubling down after splitting, and doubling on any starting total. Surrendering is rarely possible in live dealer blackjack but scouting for tables with this rule is worthwhile as it also leads to a house-edge reduction.

To our knowledge, some live blackjack tables by Ezugi support early surrender against the dealer’s ace. Late surrender is available at some Visionary iGaming live casinos provided that the dealer does not turn out to have a blackjack after the peek.

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