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Baccarat Payout Online Mines Games ph Casino

Playing baccarat becomes easier if you learn how to use a baccarat cheat sheet. In addition to using our baccarat tips, this cheat sheet comes in handy as it serves as a quick reference guide when playing, keeping the house edge payout in mind.

A baccarat cheat sheet helps you understand the payouts and odds, thereby improving your decision-making process on how to win baccarat effectively and efficiently.

Bet TypePayoutHouse Edge

Player Bet1 to 1~1.24%Banker Bet1 to 1~1.06%Tie Bet8 to 1 or 9 to ~14.36% or ~4.85% (varies with payout)Player Pair Bet11 to 1Varies based on casino rulesBanker Pair Bet11 to 1Varies based on casino rules

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