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Are there strategies to play Mines Games Ph?

Yes and no. Let’s start with saying that Mines is a game that is suitable for complete beginners because it is so simple. You don’t need a strategy at all to play this game and win. Now, that having been said, there are some preferred ways that more experienced players may have.

One popular Mines strategy is to start by placing more mines into the game. This increases your multiplier and payout per tile. You therefore only need to uncover a few tiles before you start to see a decent profit. Once you’re happy with the amount you’ve won, you should cash out rather than play until the end of the game – at least according to this strategy.

Then there is the opposite strategy, which is more common among players who like to take things easy. Play with fewer mines and uncover more tiles. This will bring in a more modest but steady win.

As with any casino game, what is best will ultimately depend on your own preferences. Try the game out and the different styles to decide what’s right for you.

2.) Do I have to download Mines to play?

Not at all. You play Mines directly out of the casino’s website, which is browser based. There is no software or app to download, whether you are playing on your computer or your phone.

3.) Is Mines the same as Minesweeper?

Mines is clearly inspired by Minesweeper. However, we think Mines is simpler than Minesweeper.

While some of us may have found the numbers in Minesweeper confusing, Mines has done away with that and the game feels much more intuitive.

And as much as we love nostalgic computer games, we have to say Mines is much more appealing aesthetically!

4.) Is there a Mines app?

If you want to play Mines on your phone or tablet, the way to do this is to go to one of the casinos listed here and play from their mobile website.

They are all HTML5 casinos, which means they are all web browser-based and automatically adjust themselves to your device. There is no Mines app for download.

5.) When does a round of Mines end?

There are a couple of scenarios. One is when you uncover a tile and discover it’s a mine underneath. The game will end there and you will lose your winnings.

Another scenario is when you voluntarily cash out and claim your winnings, although there are still more tiles to be uncovered. In this case, the game will end and you can start a new round.

Then there is the ultimate scenario, in which you successfully uncover all the mines free tiles, leaving only the mines untouched. Then the game will end and all the winnings will be added to your bankroll.

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