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Achieving VIP Comp Club Status in Online Mines Game Casino

Who are VIP comp casino players? And how to become one?

If you are looking for the absolute maximum rewards possible, you might want to check out comp points. You need to take a step back and compare just what every single online casino is going to be offering you as part of their comp club.

There can and is a whole world of difference in regards to the design of all online casinos respective loyalty and comp club schemes, and by not paying careful attention to just what is being offered by each site you may end up playing at a casino that is not going to be giving you the additional benefits some other casino sites will always shower upon you as a player!

Things to look out for from an online casinos comp club are multi tiered schemes more so if you are something of a high rolling gambler, for you will often find the benefits bestowed upon you and also the number of comp points you will earn when playing for high stakes are much better when you reach the higher tiers of those comp clubs.

With that in mind we have put together the following guide to enlighten you on how you can achieve VIP status in many casino sites, so please do read on for the benefits that will soon start it flow your way will certainly be much more appealing when you do so.

Playing High Stake Casino Games

One thing that will soon see you reaching the very highest tier of any online casinos comp club is when you choose to play for long periods of time and for high stakes. The more comp points you amass during one or more gaming session will be used to determine just what tier of the comp club you achieve and make it to.

However, keep in mind that playing for high stakes is a high risk strategy, however if you can more than easily afford to do so then one tip in regards to picking out just which casino ages to play we can pass onto you is to stick to playing low house edge games or games which have the very highest payout percentages.

Examples of a low house edge casino game are Blackjack game variants, you will find that once you learn how to play most Blackjack games optimally and with the best strategy in place the house edges you will be playing against will be tiny.

Video Poker games are the best types of gaming machines to play online for many of those games have payout percentage sine excess of 99%, you will however need to learn the best ways to play video poker games to achieve those high payout percentages, but it will be time well spent when you do so!

Where to Play Casino Games Online

As there are so many online casino sites at which you can play at as a real money online casino game player always look around the websites of several different casinos and look up and then compare just what those casino have on offer by way of their comp club or loyalty scheme.

In fact, what you may find it that some companies that own and operate more than one casino let players pool all of the comp points they have earned at any of the casinos under their control and as such you will find you will tend to earn more points and much more quickly achieve the higher tiers of those casino comp clubs when you can and do pool your comp points!

However, never forget that some of the smaller casino sites will have put into place their own unique comp club scheme and the smaller casinos will often go that little bit further to keep you as a player and as such the rewards for playing at those sites can be way higher than when you choose to play at a larger casino or a casino which is part of a chain of gambling sites.


Whist you will find you are going to be earning bonus credits when you start to earn more and more comp potions at various different casino sites it is worth also keeping in mind a range of additional benefits will also be coming your way when you play at one of our feature online casino sites.

Those additional benefits can and will include things such as ongoing promotional offers which could be high valued no deposit or deposit match bonuses and some of our featured casinos sites tend to offer their players lots of special draws and casino game tournaments, all of which have some valuable cash prizes on offer and attached to them.

So hunt around our website for the casinos you will find showcased and reviewed are some of the very best ones in the business.

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