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About Mines Games Ph Online Casino

If you ever wished you could win money playing the old-school computer game Minesweeper, then the Mines game from Spribe is for you!

Whether you are familiar with the retro game above, the new Mines casino game is easy to learn and already available at several great Indian online casinos.

Check out this guide on Mines online and play the game at one of our hand-picked Mines casinos today!


The Mines game is a real money casino game greatly inspired by the game Minesweeper, a 90s computer game where you tap squares on a grid to reveal symbols.

In the Mines casino game from Spribe, all the complicated aspects of the original have been scrapped, and instead, you have 25 tiles on a 5×5 grid, each tile containing either a star or a mine.

It’s your goal to tap and reveal stars; the more stars you reveal, the higher your payout. Just be careful, as revealing a mine will end the round, and you’ll lose the bet and any potential winnings!

In other words, Mines online gives you full control over your bet and when you want to cash out!


Learning how to play Mines is easy! Mines is very similar to other crash games in the sense that you are in charge of when to cash out.

That said, while regular crash games run automatically, you can take all the time you need to choose which tiles to turn over in the Mines game.

Follow these steps to start playing the real money game Mines online:

  1. Decide which Mines casino to play from and sign up to the casino.

  2. Make a deposit.

  3. Locate the Mines game from Spribe in the casino’s game library.

  4. Adjust the bet level to one comfortable for you.

  5. Tap the “Bet” button.

  6. Tap the tiles to turn them over to reveal a star or a mine.

  7. Tap “Cash Out” when you are ready to retrieve your winnings.

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