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7 Mines Games Bonus Things to Think About If You’re Going to Gamble Online

If you’ve never gambled at an online casino, you need to think about some things before getting started. It might seem like you can learn everything you need to know by searching for an online casino and reading the page that comes up first in the results, but there’s a lot more to know about online gambling than just that.

In this post, I answer 7 questions you should be asking yourself before you gamble online for the first time.

1- Is It Legal to Gamble Online Where You Live?

No federal laws outlaw playing online casino games for money. There are federal laws that make it illegal to run an online casino that accepts U.S. players, and there are federal laws related to facilitating money transfers from offshore casinos to players in the United States.

Also, different states have different laws that might apply to online casinos. In a handful of states, online casinos have been legalized and are regulated. If you live in one of those states, it’s illegal to play at an online casino that isn’t licensed there.

Some states have severe restrictions about any kind of gambling. At one time, playing poker for real money online was a felony in the state of Washington. That law has changed, and as far as I know, no one ever faced consequences of it.

But that was still the case.

I recommend NOT starting your own online casino. I also recommend not bragging about any kind of gambling you participate in on the internet. Loose lips sink ships.

The practical reality is this, though:

Online casino gambling has become so common that no one in law enforcement is doing much to try to prevent it or stop it.

2- Do Online Casinos Cheat? Do They Offer Fair Games?

I’d like to get philosophical here and suggest that NO casino offers fair games.

But most of them don’t cheat.

How can both statements be true? Isn’t that a paradox?

When someone talks about cheating as it relates to casino gambling, it usually refers to the casino doing something to interfere with your odds of winning. For example, if a casino had a slot machine with a jackpot that was programmed to NEVER pay off, they’d be cheating.

If a casino had a roulette wheel where they could control where the ball lands, that would be cheating. (Such a wheel is featured in the movie Casablanca, by the way.)

If an online casino had a program that would change the odds based on whether you’ve been winning or losing up until that point, that would be cheating.

But Here’s the Deal:

Online casinos don’t need to cheat, because the games are inherently unfair. That’s because the games pay out less than the odds of winning. It’s entirely possible for a casino game to be completely random and still not be fair.

The easiest example to understand is roulette. You have a 37 to 1 probability of winning a bet on a single number, but the payout is only 35 to 1.

This means you’ll lose 37 times out of 38, but when you win, you only get 35 to 1. Those other 2 units are lost.

Even with completely random results, over time, you still lose money with those kinds of odds.

And this holds true for every game in the casino.

So, you don’t have to worry (much) about online casino games being un-winnable.

You just need to understand that mathematically, they’re inherently unfair and un-beatable in the long run.

You can win once in a while in the short run, though, which is another example of the nature of probability.

3- How Does Banking Work With Online Casinos?

My dear old elderly aunt called me one weekend wanting to know how to place a bet on the Super Bowl at an online sportsbook. I explained to her that she’d have to open an account with someone like Bovada and deposit money into that account.

She was horrified.

I’m not sure how she thought an online bet was going to work, though.

With an online casino, making that deposit is the equivalent of buying chips in a brick and mortar casino.

For a while, depositing and withdrawing money at an online casino was easily done just using a credit card.

As regulation reared its ugly head, and as people (and casinos) started engaging in fraud, it got harder. Credit cards often decline online gambling charges as a matter of policy. It’s also now illegal for banks to facilitate these kinds of transfers. This led at least one online gambling company to buy its own bank to circumvent this law.

Bitcoin is the most common current method of getting money to and from online casinos. Its anonymity makes it ideal for this.

And if you’re a gambler, it gives you another opportunity to grow or lose your wins or losses.

That’s because Bitcoin is such a volatile financial instrument that you don’t know if the price is going to be higher or lower than it was when you got your winnings paid out.

If you don’t want to use Bitcoin, most online casinos have plenty of other options you can explore in their cashier section. My suggestion is, if you’re having trouble making a deposit, is contact the customer service department of the casino for help.

That’s what they’re there for.

4- How Do You Choose an Online Casino?

You’ll still occasionally find a website like this one which features an “online casino blacklist,” which is just a listing of online casinos you should avoid doing business with because their business practices are so egregious. Usually, the problem with these places is that they either delay or refuse to pay winnings to their customers.

The more important information you’ll find on a website like this one is the recommendations and reviews. My suggestion is to sign up at real money online casinos that are actually recommended by a site like this one.

But don’t just accept anyone’s recommendation, either.

Read these reviews and recommendations with an eye toward how authentic they might be.

Plenty of people want to make money from the online casino business, including the owners of websites. They have a significant financial incentive to convince you to sign up at the properties listed on their site.

They’re supposed to provide a disclaimer that they have a financial relationship with these properties, but few do.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get a trustworthy recommendation from an internet casino information portal. It just means you need to think about what you’re reading.

  • Does the review list nothing but positives about a casino?

  • Does the reviewer seem entirely too excited about the online casino that’s being reviewed?

  • Does the review include any complaints or cons about the casino?

  • Does the site where you found the review offer any negative reviews?

These are all things to keep in mind when choosing a real money online casino.

And it goes without saying that if you live in a state with legal, regulated gambling, you should sign up for an online casino that’s licensed and operating legally within that state.

5- Will I Get a Lot of Spam if I Play at an Online Casino?

Make no mistake. The amount of money in play in the online gambling industry is huge, and there’s a lot of incentive to spam players’ email addresses. In fact, I’d be surprised if you DIDN’T get spammed after signing up at an online casino.

What should you do about it?

Here’s a Suggestion:

If you open an online casino account, create a specific email address just for that account. Don’t use it ANYWHERE else.

You’ll obviously start getting emails from the casino where you signed up.

If you start getting emails from other sources, then the casino probably sold a list of email addresses to some marketing company somewhere.

I wouldn’t even bother getting mad and shaking my fist at my computer screen.

This is just part of being an online casino customer.

6- How Do I Make Money from Online Casino Bonuses?

The long story short answer to this question is simple enough:

You don’t.

I have a good friend who bought a jukebox with the profits he made taking advantage of online casino bonuses. The days when that was still possible are long behind us.

Here’s How a Casino Bonus Works:

You sign up and make a deposit, and the casino – as a promotion – gives you extra money in the amount of a percentage matching bonus. Let’s say you deposit $200 and get $400 as a bonus. Now you have $600 to play with.

It seems like a no-brainer how you’d make money with such a deal. All you have to do is cash out when you still have more than $200 in the account, and you make a profit.

The problem is that the casino requires you to wager your deposit and bonus a number of times before allowing you to cash out. The house edge is high enough that once you’ve met those wagering requirements, you’ll almost always be broke.

7- How Do the Free Casino Games Work?

The free casino games generally work just like the real money games, only you can’t win any real money playing them. That’s what happens when you don’t risk any money – you can’t win any money.

I used to play at a defunct casino called Golden Palace when I was younger. I’m absolutely convinced that the free games there were programmed to let me win more often as an incentive to sign up as a real money player and make a deposit.

I find that kind of deception disturbing.

I don’t have any proof of it, but I think that’s what was happening.

At any rate, if you like playing casino games, don’t mind being unable to win money, and don’t want to lose any money, free casino games are the way to go.


Should you gamble at an online casino?

That’s not for me to decide.

I assume if you’re reading this, you’re an adult, and you can make adult decisions. I definitely think you should avoid gambling online if you have compulsions or an addictive personality.

You can become addicted to gambling as easily as anyone else. I worked with a brilliant man at a major travel corporation who was addicted to online blackjack.

His finances were in such a state that he couldn’t stop borrowing money from me and his other co-workers. I think he almost wound up homeless, but his elderly mother had to bail him out.

If you’re a compulsive or problem gambler, online gambling is a bad idea.

If you’re not, online gambling might still be a bad idea. Think about the factors I’ve mentioned considering in this post before signing up somewhere and making that first deposit.

If you’re in doubt or feel funny about it, just say no to online casino gambling.

If you feel good about it, go for it – just try to make thoughtful decisions.

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