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6 of the Biggest Online Mines Games Easy Win Gambling Wins of All Time

The biggest online casino wins of all-time have awarded the lucky winners a life-changing amount of money. Every casino player dreams of winning multi-million dollar jackpots, but only a select few have actually done it.

To improve your chances of winning one of these prizes, you need to use the best online casino sites. This will allow you to aim for jackpots while also having fun playing the slots themselves. You will not have to worry about security concerns at the top casino sites, either.

Keep reading to see the biggest wins ever awarded to online casino players. I will break down everything you need to know about the six biggest online winners. I will also give you tips on how you can increase your chances of winning big while gambling online.

Biggest Online Casino Wins So Far

Gambling sites have been around since the mid-1990s, but the biggest online casino wins have all come in the last 15 years. Also, all of the biggest wins have come from jackpots in online slots. Here are the six largest wins ever reported.

$13.47 Million – 2011 Mega Fortune

The first entry on this list of the largest wins ever at online casinos took place in 2011. A gambler in Norway was having trouble sleeping one night and deciding to play slots to pass the time. His rough night quickly turned around when he won a jackpot worth $13.47 million.

At the time, the win set a record for the biggest-ever jackpot at an online casino. While that record has since been broken, it is will still one of the six biggest online wins ever.

Not much is known about the identity of the sleepless gambler other than that he was a university student. Also, it was reported that he was playing a Mega Fortune slots game. He was just 20 years old when he won the eight-figure jackpot.

$16.7 Million – 2020 Mega Moolah

The next jackpot prize on this list was claimed in 2020. Many gamblers turned to online games during the pandemic when brick-and-mortar casinos were closed. For one anonymous Mega Moolah player, the decision was life-changing.

Mega Moolah slots tend to have lower than average return to player (RTP) averages, but the risk is worth it for the jackpot prizes. This particular player wound up winning $16.7 million on one lucky spin. It was the fourth-largest win at the time.

The jackpot win has since been knocked down from fourth to fifth, but it is still one of the biggest wins ever. The winner opted to keep their identity hidden, which is understandable given the size of the jackpot they won.

$17.2 Million – 2015 Mega Moolah

Up next is another win from a Mega Moolah slot game. This particular win took place in 2015, and the lucky winner was a British soldier named Jon Heywood. He won a £13.2 million jackpot, which at the time was worth roughly $17.2 million in USD.

What makes the win even more improbable is that Heywood had just recently opened his account at the casino. A half-hour after he started playing, the veteran hit the jackpot during the slot game’s bonus round.

Like the other prizes on this list, Heywood’s win came via a progressive jackpot prize. The jackpot had been building for over six months,

$23.5 Million – 2018 Mega Moolah

Coming in third on this list of the largest online casino wins is a $23.5 million prize that was claimed in 2018. It was just the second time that an online player won a single game prize of over $20 million.

The winner of this prize chose to keep their identity hidden. However, we do know that, like Jon Heywood, this lucky winner had not been playing very long when they hit the jackpot. This jackpot was awarded less than 50 spins into the player’s gambling session.

Also, the story goes that the lucky player was betting just $0.75 per spin when they hit the jackpot. It just goes to show you that stake size really does not matter when you are playing for truly random jackpots.

$23.6 Million – 2021 Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah

The most recent major online casino win came in 2021. The $23.6 million jackpot was the second-largest online win of all time. It was claimed by a Belgium player on an Alice in Wonderland-themed game.

At nearly $24 million, this prize can even compete with land-based slot jackpot records. The rolling reels, prize multipliers, and other in-game bonus features were a key part of this massive jackpot win.

You could make the case that this is actually the biggest win ever. The prize was worth €19.4 million, which is the most ever given to a player in a single jackpot. But the exchange rate from Euros to USD in 2021 knocked this prize down to second on this list.

$24 Million – 2013 Mega Millions

Rounding out the top online casino wins of all time is this $24 million win from 2013. It was won by a Finnish man who was betting just $0.25 per spin on a Mega Fortune slot game. He ended up winning the progressive jackpot prize, and history was made.

The actual prize was €17.8 million, which is less than the jackpot won by the lucky winner in the number two spot. However, the exchange rate at the time means that this prize was worth $24 million, which is more than the $23.6 million the winner above received.

Any way you slice it, this is one of the biggest slot wins of all time. The in-game bonus round that led to this massive win was not tied to the player’s stake amount. That is why the lucky winner was able to claim an eight-figure jackpot while betting less than a dollar.

Tips to Help You Get Big Online Casino Wins

It may be a while before anyone breaks into the top six biggest online casino wins. But that does not mean that you should not try to win as much as you can from casino games online. Here are three tips to help you win more from your online gambling sessions.

Play for Progressive Jackpots

One of the things that players often focus on when picking a casino game is the jackpots that the game offers. These prizes can offer huge wins in an instant. If you are hunting for jackpots, then make sure that you are playing for progressive prizes.

Progressive jackpots build over time, and they are often much larger than non-progressive jackpots. The most common place to find these prizes is on slots, but some casinos offer them for select table games.

A specific type of progressive jackpot that I would recommend playing for is Hot Drop Jackpots. These are must-win prizes that have to be handed out by a specific deadline. As the deadline grows closer, your odds of winning the jackpot increase.

Choose Skill-Based Games

Another tip for players that want to increase their chances of getting big wins at online casinos is to pick skill-based games. Skill-based games allow you to have influence over the outcome. Games of chance, like real money keno and most slots, are completely random.

You cannot control the outcome in games of chance. So, if you want to get big wins consistently, then you should pick games that have skill-based components. Popular choices include poker tournaments, blackjack, and craps.

There are also skill-based slot games that you can play that have jackpots. The bonus games in these slot games allow you to have more control over the prizes you can win. If you master the bonus game, you can greatly improve your chances of winning big prizes.

Use VIP Programs

A third tip for maximizing your online casino wins is to take advantage of casino VIP programs. Many gambling sites offer welcome and reloading casino bonuses. But the best of the best will also have great VIP programs available to players.

DuckyLuck Casino, for example, has a great VIP program that offers tons of extra bonuses to members. Using these bonuses regularly will decrease the amount of your bankroll you need to risk.

The best VIP programs offer more than just deposit match bonuses, too. VIP members at DuckyLuck can enjoy other exclusive rewards, such as faster payout options, cashback rewards, and more. Other examples of great VIP rewards include free tournament entry tickets and access to a personal host.

What Is Your Biggest Win From an Online Casino?

The lucky winners above all became instant legends by claiming one of the largest online casino wins of all time. You, too, can etch your name in the history books by playing games at the safest online casinos. Make sure to look for games with progress jackpots if you want a chance at beating any of the jackpots above.

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