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4 Mines Games Bonus Ways to Play Craps Like a Pro

Most casino games are designed in a way that discourages professional players from participating. You can find professional poker players, professional blackjack players, and professional sports bettors. But you’ve probably never heard of professional roulette or baccarat players.

A few people claim to be professional craps players, but these people are also usually trying to sell you a book or seminar on dice control. I’m not here today to argue about the possibility of dice control. I’m going to teach you how to play craps like a professional based on the odds and traditional house edge numbers.

Like all casino games, craps has a house edge built in. But unlike other casino games, there’s a bet available at the craps table that doesn’t have a house edge. Pros know all about this special bet and always use it when they can.

In addition to this special wager, craps also offers two other bets that have a low house edge. I’m going to teach you about these bets, too. You can make many other bets when you play craps, but if you want to play like a pro, there are only a few bets you’re ever going to make. I cover all of them below.

1 – Pass Line Wager

Every time you gamble, you need to be concerned and educated about the available wagers and the house edge of the bets you can make. Not only should you limit your play to the games that have the lowest house edge wagers, you also need to make sure you only make the best craps bets.

The good news is that craps has a few bets with a low house edge. And if you stick with them and avoid all of the other available bets at the table, you can play with a lower house edge than most other casino games offer.

The pass line wager is the most popular bet made at the craps table. Most craps players feel that making the pass line bet is the best way to play, because in a way, when they make this bet, they’re rooting for the shooter to win.

A pass line wager has a house edge of 1.41%. This is lower than almost every slot machine, most table games, roulette, and some blackjack games. A pass line wager also often takes several rolls of the dice to resolve, so you can play longer using the same bankroll than when you play many games.

But the pass line bet isn’t the best bet available at the craps table. It isn’t even the second best bet available. The best bet is an odds bet, which I cover later. The way that craps is designed, you have to make either the second- or third-best available wager before you’re allowed to make the best bet.

The second-best bet at the craps table is the don’t pass line wager. You can learn more about this bet in the next section.

2 – Don’t Pass Line Wager

The second-best bet you can make playing craps, and the best option for the come out roll, is the don’t pass line wager. The house edge is only 1.36%, making it one of the best wagers in the casino.

I mentioned in the last section that most craps players prefer to make a pass line bet instead of a don’t pass line wager. The don’t pass line is often called betting the dark side or going over to the dark side. I always recommend making the bet offering the lowest house edge, and in the long run, the don’t pass bet is the best come out bet you can make.

But if you make a don’t pass line wager, you might receive some negative feedback or reactions from the other players at the table. This shouldn’t matter, because you can make any bet you want. After all, it’s your money, and you should be able to do whatever you want to do with it.

However, if you want to avoid the wrath of other players, you can stick with the pass line wager. And in the long run, it doesn’t cost you much.

If you make $100,000 worth of come out bets in a year, the difference in your expected loss between the pass line and don’t pass line bets is only $50. In other words, if you make 1,000 bets of $100, you only lose an average of five cents on each bet more than you’d lose betting on the don’t pass line.

3 – Full Odds

Possibly the best bet in the casino, the odds bet at the craps table doesn’t even have a spot listed on the felt. After a point has been established on the come out roll, you can place an odds bet by placing your chips behind your original pass line or don’t pass line wager.

The odds bet has a zero house edge, which makes it unique.

The way the payouts for an odds bet are designed, in the long run, you break even on all of your odds wagers. This might not sound like a great bet, but the casino doesn’t have any other bets that are offered at fair odds.

You still have to deal with the house edge on your original line bet, because the casinos don’t let you make an odds wager unless you make a line wager first. But you can usually make a much larger odds wager than line wager, so it helps lower your effective house edge when you make a full odds wager.

The amount of the odds bet you can make varies from casino to casino, with a few casinos offering odds bets as high as 100 times your line bet. Probably the most common odds bet size allowed is 10 times. It doesn’t matter what the maximum odds bet amount is; you should always take the maximum if your bankroll is big enough.

When you’re playing craps online, most software providers have a spot behind your come out bet where you click to place an odds bet. Like land-based craps tables, the odds bet is not marked on the table when you play online.

4 – Play Online Craps

I’m a big supporter of playing casino games online. I like the ease of use, the ability to play without travel, and the ability to control how fast you play. While these things are also true with craps, the one difference is that I recommend playing land-based craps at least one or two times, even if you usually play online.

The way the game of craps is played isn’t really different online versus in a land-based casino. The mechanics of the game are the same, but the feel of the game is entirely different. Most craps tables are the loudest and happiest place in a land based casino. It’s almost like a family atmosphere where everyone at the table is having fun and rooting for each other.

This is fun for many players, but some players don’t like the noise and being around wild players. Still, I suggest trying land-based craps at least a few times in your life to see if you enjoy it.

The Bottom Line:

Craps has a house edge no matter what you do. You simply can’t overcome the house edge in the long run. But you can control how much you risk and how fast you play when you play online.

You also can find online casinos willing to give you a bonus to use when you play craps online. You need to read the terms and conditions of every online bonus offer closely, because some of them restrict your play. But a bonus can help extend your bankroll so you can play craps longer and afford to make higher odds bets.


Here’s the perfect formula if you want to play craps like a pro! Play at an online casino site that offers a large craps bonus and low minimum bets. Play for the table minimum and always make the don’t pass line wager and back it up with full odds. This makes your bankroll last as long as possible and reduces the house edge as low as possible.

The most important thing you need to do in addition to the formula above is make sure you have a large enough bankroll so you can always take the maximum available odds. If you’re playing at a table that offers 100 times odds and you’re making $50 come out bets, the maximum odds bet is $5,000. This requires a huge bankroll. If you can’t afford this much, make smaller come out bets.

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