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There’s nothing more serious than trying to be ‘down with the scene’ while not knowing how people in that scene talk the talk. Just think of all those awkward times older people have reacted to news of a death by texting LOL, thinking it means lots of love. Don’t let that occur to you at the local casino or at online casino. Browse our list of slots terms, and you’ll fit right in with the regulars straight away. Pay table Here you’ll find all the data about the slots game you’re playing. You’ll be able to understand how much each symbol is worth, what the slot’s features are, how the bonus games operate, and where the paylines run. Bet max Bet Max is an option you’ll find on most slots. It’s a button you can press to place the highest amount of coins on each spin automatically. Make sure to check the game’s pay table before you start playing to see if you need to bet max to play for a progressive jackpot or enter the bonus round. Paylines These are the lines you need to harmonize symbols across a slot’s reels. Different slot games use different line patterns, but you can always see the paylines by looking at a game’s pay table. Coin size Don’t get this mixed with your bet total or bet amount. The coin size is the number of tokens or coins you need to place a bet on each line. For example, if you’re gambling on a 25-line slot machine and your bet amount is 1 cent, and your coin size is 1, your entire bet will be 25 cents. But if you increase your coin size to 2, you’ll be betting 2 cents per line, making your bet total 50 cents. Some casino slot machines and online slots require you to bet a certain number of coins to qualify for bonus jackpots or games. Auto-spin If clicking or pressing a button feels like too much trouble, don’t worry: you can use auto-spin. The auto-spin feature lets you select a specific number of spins, and then the slot automatically operates through them while you sit back and rest. Most auto-spin functions will still stop for a short period when you land a win, so you always get to see how much cash you’ve got. Progressive jackpot A progressive jackpot is a different slots jackpot that evolves and grows until one lucky player gets all of it. Progressive jackpots get more significant and more prominent because every time anyone plays a specific slot, a short amount of their bet goes into the jackpot total. You can win a progressive jackpot on slot machines and online slots by landing enough unique symbols on the reels to go into a unique jackpot bonus game. Here, you’ll play for your chance to steal the jackpot. RTP RTP stands for ‘return to player,’ and the rate that a slots game pays out on an average. For example, if a slot has an RTP of 96%, you can assume to get back an aggregate of $96 for every $100 you bet. RNG RNG stands for ‘random number generator.’ Whether in a casino or online, every modern slot uses computer software to turn the reels. The RNG decides which symbols will be presented on each spin. The software is meant to make each spin random. That means victories on slots are based on luck rather than on any skill in spotting winning patterns or foretelling what symbols will appear next. Wild symbol Wild symbols are a type of character on the slot reels. Wilds can be in for any other symbol in the game, but this usually eliminates the bonus symbol. Because wilds can draw anything you like, they help you to create winning paylines. Loose slot ‘Loose slot’ is a name you listen to much more in land-based casinos than you do online. Summoning a slot machine loose means it pays out regularly and that players have often been winning on it lately. The zone The zone is an imaginative space inside your head. Most slots enthusiasts say that they get into the game’s rhythm when they play for a while and become super-focused on the reels. It’s a bit like when athletes get tunnel images because they’re so determined to make it to the finish line. Pick me Pick me is a type of reward game. You’ll see a game screen with various icons you can click on. Pick the icons, and you’ll unveil hidden prizes behind each one.

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